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It's a fact. Kids learn by doing. At Community Bank we feel that one important thing for kids to learn is how to manage their money properly. Opening a savings account and making regular deposits can help your child get the hands-on experience they need. It's easy, fun, and a great way to save for the future... or something they really want. Help your child prepare for the future by opening an account at Community Bank today.


  • A FREE Piggy Bank of your choice
  • Great treats or stickers whenever you deposit
  • Free Online Banking
  • E-Statements
  • No minimum balance required
  • Interest earned on average daily balance
  • Interest is compounded and paid monthly***
  • Allowed three free debits per month
  • Additional debits are $1.00 each**
  • Transaction Limitations****


** Service charges are subject to Iowa State and Local Sales Tax.
*** Interest rates on these accounts are subject to change without notice. All interest rates are available on request.
****No more than six transfers and withdrawals, or a combination of such transfers and withdrawals, per calendar month or statement cycle, to another account (including a transaction account) of the depositor at the same institution or to a third party by means of a preauthorized or automatic transfer, or telephonic (including data transmission) agreement, order or instruction, or by check, draft, debit card, or similar order made by the depositor and payable to third parties.


Below are many educational links that may be helpful with homework and many other schools projects. If you know of any links that you would like us to add please let us know.



U.S. Treasury Department Kids Page
See how money is made, learn about different money from all over the world,
and find out how to tell the difference between real and counterfeit money.

The United States Mint
Learn about the different kinds of coins in the U.S. and around the world.

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Animal Kingdom

Sea World and Busch Garden's Animal Resources
Learn about the ecosystem, download coloring pages and hear a whole
library of the sounds different animals make.

The Fishy FAQ
A bouillabaisse of fascinating facts about fish!

Fish Information Service
A ton of fish information from the Fish Information Service.

Penguins, Seals, Sharks, and Whales
Learn how all of these very different animals survive together in the sea.

On line tours of the exhibits at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

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A Timeline of Art History
An active timeline of art from all over the world, dating from 30,000 B.C. to the present.

A. Pintura - Art Detective
Learn about great painters to solve the mystery and win the game!

Inside Art 
An interactive game about great works of art.

World Art Treasures 
A collection of slides, history, and commentaries about art masterpieces.

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Art Museums and Galleries

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Smithsonian

The Virtual Smithsonian

MoMA: The Museum of Modern Art

Smithsonian National Museum of African Art

Heard Museum of Native American Art

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Astronomy and Space

Basics of Space Flight Learners' Workbook 
Learn about how to navigate through the solar system.

Science Master 
Tons of information about our own planet and how it relates to the rest of the universe.

Overview of the Solar System 
Great photos and profiles of each plant.

NASA Space History 
A tour through the history of space exploration.

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Development and Anatomy

Visit the Brain Explorer 
View a brain atlas and learn about how your brain works.

Kids Health 
Play games, get healthy recipes, and read journals written by kids with
asthma, diabetes, or broken bones.

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EcoKids Clubhouse 
Find activities, play games, and create and interactive storybook to learn
more about the environment.

Children of the Earth United 
Learn amazing things about plants and animals from a Native American
perspective, and get a chance to show off your knowledge, too!

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Fun Stuff

Ask Jeeves for Kids 
An answer for virtually any question you will ever have.

The Comic Strip 
A place to read all of your favorite comic strips each day.

Make your own greeting cards, learn about how Crayola Crayons are made, and find out which famous people share your favorite color.

Nye Lab 
Home of Bill Nye, The Science Guy.

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Good Nutrition

Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition Center 
Find out about the five color groups of fruits and veggies, download a comic book,
and create your own recipes.

Nutrition Explorers from the Dairy Council 
Enter contests, take polls, and feed Mungo the Monster.

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Government and Politics

White House 
The official website of the White House and the President.

The Constitution of the United States 
A complete database of information about the Constitution and the Amendments from the National Archives.

The U.S. Supreme Court 
The official website of the Judicial Branch of our government.

Learn about the House of Representatives 
Find out what's being debated on the House floor, get information about bills or laws, or send mail to your representative.

Learn About the Senate 
Learn about different Senate committees, view historic art in the archives, or contact one of the Senators from your state.

Legal Match 
A listing of government agency pages for kids.

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4000 Years of Women in Science 
Biographies, photographs, and references.

Mr. Dowling's Electronic Passport 
Search for interesting historical facts by era, subject, or geographical region, all while listening to Mr. Dowling doing his nutty voices!

American Memory 
Historical collections from the National Digital Library at the Library of Congress.

Links to the Past 
The virtual museum of the National Park Service.

This Day in History 
The History Channel's compilation of what happened in history on this day, your birthday, or any other day of the year.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum 
Personal stories, maps, and online exhibits about the Holocaust and related current events.

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Authors and Writing

Harry Potter Books 
Learn about the books, browse the glossary of magic spells, and find out how to pronounce those hard words with the audio dictionary.

International Kid's Space 
A gallery of art, stories, and music created by kids just like you.

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Notable Citizens of Planet Earth 
Biographical information on over 28,000 people from ancient times to the present.

Famous Birthdays 
Which famous people were born on your birthday?

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World Book

Elements of Style 
Basic rules of grammar, form, word usage, spelling, and expression.

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Internet Public Library 
Look through tons of books and magazines on your own, or enjoy the story hour.

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Ask Dr. Math 
Everything you will ever need to know about formulas, measurements, and numbers for math students from kindergarten to college and beyond.

Math in Daily Life 
Why do I need to know this stuff?

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How to Read Music 
Learn all of the basics of reading music; notes, clefs, symbols, and counting.

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Physical Education

Olympics Past and Future 
Read about the history of the Olympics, little-known Olympic events, and the champion athletes who have won medals.

Sports Illustrated for Kids 
Play fantasy sports, send e-cards, and read about current news events about sports.

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Field Museum of Natural History

Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

The Center for Science and Industry

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