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Agricultural Loans

At Community Bank, whether you are expanding your existing operation or starting out new, we have access to a number of loan programs that will make your job easier. We provide agricultural loans to individuals, partnerships and corporations. From young farmer loans to local and regional agricultural programs, we'll work hard to find the terms that will match your cash flow needs. We offer:

Operating Loans - for producers who require financing for ongoing agricultural expenditures with the ability to borrow and repay without having to reapply for new credit. This loan is intended for producers who need to finance feed, livestock purchases, chemicals, fertilizer, prepaid expenses and seed on a continual basis.

Breeding Stock Loans - for producers who want to start a new operation, expand an existing operation or replace breeding stock. We provide breeding stock loans for the purchase of sows, stock cows, dairy cows and ewes.

Machinery Loans - for producers who require reliable machinery in order to meet the seasonal and year round demands of their operation.

Real Estate Loans - for agricultural purposes secured by real estate. They are offered to producers who need to finance the purchase, expansion, or renovation of real estate. Whether it's the purchase of farm ground or the construction of livestock facilities, we can and want to help you!

Farm Service Agency (FSA) Guaranteed Loan Programs

Iowa Agricultural Development Authority (IADA) Loan Programs

Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan Programs

  • 7 (A) Loan Guaranty Program
  • SBALowDoc Loan Program
  • Certified Development Company (504) Loan Program
  • Numerous loan programs available
  • Visit  Small Business Administration now!

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